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Department of Psychological Science
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Department Handbook

Psychological Science Faculty Awarded Arkansas BioSciences Institute grants

Faculty members Nate Parks, Matt Feldner and Ellen Leen-Feldner are recent recepients of Arkansas Biosciences Institute (ABI) grants.  ABI was created as the major research component of the Tobacco Settlement Proceeds Act of 2000, and scientists with the five member organizations, including the University of Arkansas, focus on research that will lead to health improvement, especially in the area of tobacco-related diseases.

Nate Parks' project is titled "The role of endogeneous brain rhythms in modulating short-term neuroplasticity in human neocortex," and will use a combination of electroencephalogaphy (EEG) and magnetic brain stimulation to understand how rhythmic oscillations of neural activity modulate the brain's capacity to adapt.

Matt Feldner and Ellen Leen-Feldner are co-investigators (along with Nate Parks and a former student of the Clinical program, Josh Cisler, now at UAMS) on a project titled "Parental smoking and PTSD: Advancing our understanding of effects on offspring panic vulnerability."  The study will focus on adolescent biopsychosocial risk for panic thought to be transmitted across generations as a function of parental PTSD and smoking.  The project is a part of a larger program of research to enlist family resources in bulding adolescent resilence to problems linked to parental PTSD.

Congrats to Nate, Matt and Ellen!